Positioning Strategy

Why building a solid strategic foundation is important

The objective of strategy is to develop a sustainable, competitive advantage that helps your organisation achieve long term prosperity. It goes much deeper than marketing tactics or goal setting. Successful strategy should aim to be;

  • Visionary - By looking forward to predict market conditions and future customer needs
  • Opportunistic - By assessing internal and external factors to determine where you are most likely to succeed
  • Purposeful - By establishing where you are and where you want to go
  • Focused - By identifying the breakthrough opportunties that will distinguish you in the market place and give you the best possible returns

How can I help with your strategy

Using my proprietary strategic business framework, I can help uncover a number of important insights about your current situation, potential opportunities and where you can best position for leadership. The strategic process seeks to answer a number of critical questions;

  • What defines your identity and where do your key strengths lie
  • What is the current state and health of your marketplace
  • Where are the gaps in the market / where are your customers are underserved
  • What organisational capabilities can best serve particular segments
  • Which value discipline will you model your offer around
  • Will your value proposition resonate with your target market

The outcome of this process will provide you with a solid strategic foundation - a clear understanding about where you can lead, and therefore where you should focus your business development efforts.





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