Advice & Consultancy Services

Business Strategy


Create your Strategic Edge Workshop


I can facilitate a workshop with key decision makers in your organisation and work collaboratively through my propriertary framework, The Strategic Business Primerâ„¢. The objective of this workshop is to;


  • Gain insights into your market, opportunities that exist for your business, and where and how to position to attract more customers
  • Practical deliverables such as a differentiated positioning statement, meaningful value proposition, and prioritised actions to execute the new found vision

Content of the workshop can be tailored to focus on particular sectors such as technology startups, retail, healthcare, and professional associations. 

Strategic Marketing Coaching


Strategic planning is only useful if it's implemented. I can work with your business development team to translate the strategic framework into a tactical 12 month plan. Regular face to face coaching may include the following activities;

  • Align tactical activities to strategic plan
  • Identify and prioritise activities that will give the biggest returns
  • Refine and review plans and goals if or when market changes
  • Put in place accountability measures for key success drivers
  • Work with our proprietary strategic business framework to identify new opportunities and systems for sales and marketing improvements

Our strategic marketing coach will act as your dedicated resource for your organisation to help drive success.


Communication Design


Communication Impact Audit


Having worked both as a graphic designer and marketing copy writer, I have a unique capability to assess the impact of all aspects of your visual and written materials.

I can conduct an assessment your marketing channels which includes a review of your objectives, assess the market place, and survey your audience. I will come up with a set of recommendations to improve the impact of your communication which looks at your brand, visuals, marketing messages, how you are positioned relative to your competition, and what you can do to cut through the noise and get noticed.

Website Content Wireframing


I have over 10 years experience in web design and online communication, and hand built over a hundred websites. From experience, I know a big challenge in launching a new website is getting your web copy ready. 

To assist with this, I can 'wireframe' your marketing copy. Before handing over your design brief to a web designer, I will mock up a full working framework of your website that includes navigation, pages, image place-holders, user flow, and calls to action. This is a critical step to testing and understanding user experience and goal conversion. And ultimately, a critical factor to the success of your website.




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