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Brand Development

I've had extensive experience with brand design. Below are some select examples. You can find more examples at Redalto (a digital agency I ran for 10 years).







Software Development

In the course of my professional career, I've been involved with the design and development of a number of software systems. This has been driven by the need to solve real business problems.  When I see something that doesn't work and is hindering business progress, I build a better solution.


Cloud Based Project Management

Year 2010
Customer: Redalto Communications:


Project requirement:

Managing a team of remote designers and developers, I needed a tool that allowed us to collaboratively work on multiple projects at once. Like many others, we were using email, and it was not a optimal way of assigning and tracking tasks, as well as prioritising and scheduling overlapping projects.  I first researched off-the-shelf solutions such as Basecamp. but all were found wanting.  So, again, I needed to build the system from scratch.  My role was design of the data and system structure and functionality, as well as user interface design. For this application, I outsourced to an unknown developer (valuable lesson learnt).



Launched within 2 months of designing it, the tool was succesful from day one. Simply, elegantly we were able to create customers, jobs, milestones, resources and assign tasks to each other. It was used for 5 years to manage our projects.


Cloud Based Customer Database (CRM)

Year: 2004

Customer: Redalto Communications

Project requirement:
In the era before cloud based CRM tools, Redalto needed a tool that was web based, could be accessed by remote working employees, was simple and effective, and got the job done quickly (record customer interactions, contracts, services, to-do items, etc).

I investigated many different customers database applications such as Act and Goldmine, none of which fit the requirements. We therefore built our own system from scratch using PHP, MySql, jQuery.

Launched and operational within a month of design, it became the central repository of customer data for 10 years without needing a revamp or major alteration.  It's still in use and working - has never failed and is faster than equivalent systems I've used since.


Order Tracking, Billing and Revenue Reporting System

Year: 1998

Customer: AT&T Unisource


In 1998 I began working in a small, rogue group within a large telco, building out Europe's first European centric IP backbone network. This was a little understood technology within a company that traditionally built out dedicated data and switched telephony networks. The challenge was working quickly to meet a fast grown market need, in a corporate culture that would traditionally took years to roll out new products. Business support systems were equally slow getting rolled out. In our case Oracle certainly was neither quick or cost-effective. I decided to hack together a system based purely on the Office 97 desktop software. It’s amazing what you can do with Excel and Word when you put your mind to it.


My An order to invoice system that was able to bill $100M+ in revenue. The value-added byproduct was audit and identification of unbilled orders, and providing business intelligence reports to C level management. The system was in place until the company got acquired by Infonet.


Enterprise Content Management System (CMS)

Year 2005 - 2015


Applications included, Multi-website Content Management System with integrated applications that included; Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Contact Management (CRM), Document Managment, Blog, Galleries, and Member Management amongst others. View complete list of web apps or case studies of customer case studies.


Sales Support Knowledge Base

Year: 1995

System: Lotus Notes

Customer: AT&T-Unisource

I was at the time, a technical writer for the flagship pan-european telecom product. As products were launched into Europe, local sales forces needed to be trained. This is the era before the web became mainstream, and photocopiers were still the #1 business system.

I became aware of a little known LAN based documentation system called Lotus Notes, I was quick to grasp the potential and developed it into an online sales training system. Information was able to be distributed regionally over WAN, reducing sales manual production, and sales training costs significantly.



Growth Marketing

These are some highlights. You can find more case studies at Redalto (a digital agency I ran for 10 years).

Web Agency

Client: Redalto

Activities: branding, content marketing, search engine optimisation.

Results; Google ranking: #1 web design australia, #3 web hosting australia. Phones never stopped ringing and ultimately had to turn off the web marketing campaign due to production constraints.

Luxury Retailer

Client: Watches of Switzerland

Activities included rebrand of website, content marketing, search engine optimisation.

Results: #1 tag heuer, omega, and numerous other luxury brands, resulting in 40x growth in customer traffic, and phenomenal sales growth.

Landscape Designer

Client: Green Rooms
Activities: branding, website development, copywriting, building a beautiful online portfolio system (built on stories) which help build site engagement.

Results: #1 in Google for landscape design - resulted in 15x revenue growth in 2 years.




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